Learning Hub

Combining best practice from experience with learning is the best way to ensure that all we do in the project management, architecture, engineering, construction and operations professions will truly benefit future generations. ICPMA has many members and friends around the world to help.

Listed below are some of the organisations and institutions supporting our learning hub. A brief outline below describes their offer; please email us at youngmembers@icpma.net for further informtion and help.

Mentoring Program, ICPMA

ICPMA offers a mentoring programme free of charge for those keen to be able to link up with a professional for some coaching and career development skills.

Our mentors have experience in most areas of project management development and can provide both technical and soft skill support. The pilot programme in 2021 was a great success; please contact us if you are inerested in the next round of our mentoring programme.

For further information please contact:

Nick Smith (Executive Officer) & Hargeet Kaur (YICPMA Representative & Assistant EO)

Email: office@icpma.net, youngmembers@icpma.net

International Institute of Projects & Program Management (i2p2M), India

Our Executive Diploma in Project Management (EDPM) Online is a unique executive education programme at a global level. It offers a 360 degree exposure from knowledge to competency development and shows how this can be applied at the workplace to result in measurable benefits.

The EDPM Online programme offers more than other knowledge based project management certifications. The organisers of the EDPM Online programme believe that knowledge based certifications must also go through experiential learning and bring about a change with measurable impact. Our two real time simulation programmes used in top 20 business schools include one which relates to building up a Football Stadium in 27 months from scratch to provide this experiential learning, giving four years of experience in just two days. Joining the EDPM online will give you an experience you have never had before.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Adesh Jain

Tel: +0120- 2420463, M: +91 9810322048,

Office M:+91 9999684621

Email: chairman@i2p2m.com

Web: www.i2p2m.com

For further information please contact:

Prof. Dr. Philip Sander (ICPMA Senior Vice President)

Tel: +49 151 50675250

Email: philip.sander@unibw.de

University College London (UCL), United Kingdom

Digital Outlook is an alliance that help organisations and individuals working in the built environment meet the challenges and benefit from the huge opportunities offered by digital transformation. we do this by bringing the latest reserach and knowledge on digital transformatio in the built environment to practitioners and academics. We use innovative teaching methods to deliver this in collaboration with our clients.

We bring a unique approach to our teaching sessions, harnessing the experience and opinions of ourparticipants through our interactive approach. To this end we use the Teaching Case method, first pioneered by Harvard Business School over 100 years ago and widely-used in business schools globally today. Teaching cases are scenario-based and employ a ‘flipped classroom’ style, where participants are guided by facilitators to address scenarios and reach decisions on a range of issues relating to digital transformation. Having received formal training in teaching using this method, we now lead sessions with a range of participants on areas including:

• Creating and managing digital innovations;

• Achieving organizational change and leading for digital transformation, whilst avoiding the threat of digital disruption;

• Driving industry change through institutions, standards and policies;

• Enhancing collaborative working, leading digital-savvy teams, and developing people that excel in the digital economy;

• Leading digital supply chains and project procurement processes; and,

• Leveraging the opportunities created by Digital Twins and Smart Cities, while addressing cyber security risks.

As well as using existing cases drawn from other industry sectors, we have developed a number of teaching cases that are set in the AEC industry. These are available on request. We would like to develop more. If you are interested in supporting this work, please get in touch with us

For further information please contact:

Prof. Dr.Bethan Morgan

Email: beth@digitaloutlook.net

Web: www.digitaloutlook.net

Ara Institute of Cantebury, New Zealand

We offer Graduate Diplomas in Construction Management and also Quantity Surveying; two programmes for Bachelor of Construction; New Zealand Diplomas and Study; and Career Preparation in Architectural Studies and Construction pathways.

See details here Website Link

For further information please contact:

Sundeep Daggubati (ICPMA Memeber)

Email: Sundeep.Daggubati@ara.ac.nz

Build Quotient AEC Training Institute, Philippines

At Build Quotient AEC Training Institute, we deliver relevant and up-to-date courses and training programs, digitally and on-premise, to students, graduates and professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry.

For further information please contact:

Brian Ernest Regalado (ICPMA Member)

Email: study@buildquotient.com

Technological University- Dublin, Ireland

The University offers a vast range of courses with regard to all the engineering disciplines. We offer several courses for the construction management, Construction Site Management, Quantity Surveying & Constrction economics, Digital Construction Analytics.

For further information please contact:

Louis Gunnigan (ICPMA Member)

Metropolia university of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Finland

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Construction and Real Estate Management and also Construction Site Management, Building Services and Civil Engineering.

Further details can be found here: Website Link

For further information please contact:

Mika Lindholm (ICPMA Member)

E-Mail: Mika.Lindholm@metropolia.fi

Pratt Institute, New York, United States

The School of Architecture educates future leaders in design, planning, and management disciplines by offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the professional fields of architecture, urban design, city and regional planning, construction and facilities management, environmental management, urban placemaking, historic preservation, and real estate.

Further details can be found here: Website Link

For further information please contact:

Audrey Schultz (Professor- Construction/ Facilities Management) Bio

E-Mail: aschul47@pratt.edu

Claims Class: Skills, Confidence & Training in Construction Contracts & Claims.

Claims Class provides carefully crafted training workshops and online courses in construction contracts and claims preparation. Each is designed to enhance your ability to work with construction contracts and claims with confidence and success. Whatever your level of understanding or learning need, we can support you online or in person. Discover how one of our training courses will take your career to the next level today.

For further information please contact:

Nina Hewitt (Operations and Administration Manager)

Phone: +971 (0)50 915 5478

E-Mail: nina.hewitt@hewittdecipher.com

Website: www.hewittdecipher.com

Commissioning and Startup Online Accredited Training Programs, Canada

Commissioning and Startup provides quality training from start to finish. The courses offered are accredited by the Engineering Institute of Canada, recognized worldwide. Get started with our FREE 3-Day Commissioning and Startup Online Mini-Course to learn the commissioning and startup process.

Free 3-Day Mini-Course

Take advantage of the gathered experience over the 20 years of testing and commissioning complex major projects.

Survive and thrive in your commissioning career!

See full details of our training programs:

Commissioning and Startup

For further information, please contact:

Paul Turner, P.Eng, PMP (ICPMA Member)

Email: paul@commissioningandstartup.com

Construction Management Association of Korea (CMAK), Seoul South Korea

CMAK is an CM association in Seoul, Korea. The organisation takes a leading role in expanding the essential CM services, to minimize the risks to secure the optimal outcome in all construction projects undertaken by its members.

For further information please contact:

Contact Person: Margaret Won

Phone: +82 10 2858 8788

E-Mail: margaretwon@cmak.or.kr

Website: www.cmak.or.kr