International Construction Project Management Association

ICPMA is a unique worldwide organisation that spreads best practice in construction and project management throughout its membership. Initially founded in 2001 in Cannes, the ICPMA is a dynamic forum, providing opportunities to network with other professionals and academics and to engage in new business and research on a global basis.

ICPMA is a network of Construction Project Management professionals experienced in working internationally. We seek to create tangible practical and intellectual benefits for members by initiating and networking better ways of managing construction projects for clients and the whole professional delivery team.

ICPMA membership is open to practitioners and academics in the fields of construction, project management, client representation, design and engineering, technical and environmental study, architecture and planning, surveying and cost evaluation. The Association is founded on the principle that the world is a better place when we all work together and share our knowledge.

ICPMA also promotes research and education to help to spread best practice on the international stage and to those embarking on a career in construction project management.

ICPMA is run by dedicated volunteers who are passionate about improving our cities, infrastructure and environment in ways that are more effective, dynamic and that safeguard our planet.

The ICPMA wishes to ensure that all of those joining our professions realise and grasp the potential they have to improve the lives of future generations.

Our guidance version of our constitution can be viewed and downloaded here.


Each member pays a nominal fee, but is encouraged to contribute to the ICPMA by actively providing current news, papers on new initiatives or speaking at conferences and seminars. Please refer to the Membership page to learn how to become a member.

YICPMA - our chapter for students and young professionals

Our young professionals and student chapter, YICPMA, is open to those in the early stages of their careers and those studying to become project managers or other members of the construction design and development team.

Young professionals can register free of charge with our Young International Construction Project Management Association (YICPMA).

Please refer to our YICPMA chapter website for more information and to register or reach out to our YICPMA representative on email youngmembers@icpma.net