How to become a young member of the ICPMA

Young professionals can register free of charge with our Young International Construction Project Management Association (YICPMA). We hope they progress to full membership as their careers progresses. Please use the YICPMA registration form below to register. More details about our membership can be found here.

Our young professionals and student chapter, YICPMA, is open to those in the early stages of their careers and those studying to become project managers or other members of the construction design and development team.

If you would like to reach out to our YICPMA representative please email:


We at YICPMA believe that young professionals and students are an important part of the construction industry. We support those who aspire to develop their careers by providing an opportunity to be a part of a global network of professionals. It is a platform with room for the younger generation, embracing different gender groups, diverse cultures and nationalities, encouraging you to come forward. Innovative ideas can be shared through collaboration with other professionals, and skill-sets can be advanced using the best practices of the construction industry.

Learning Hub

ICPMA facilitate a learning hub and a mentoring programme. Please refer to the Learning Hub page for more information and how to enrol.

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