Our Vision

Christina Stoltz - President

My vision for the ICPMA is to be the BEST:

  • B road – Global with a wide range of topics: inclusive and diverse

  • E ffective – Promoting the principles of "the better way" effectively: simplicity is key plus brand recognition

  • S haring ideas and Support – Share ideas and support each other, particularly with the next generation

  • T ime and Team - Have a good time and play as a team

The Steering Committee plan to focus in the year ahead on the engagement with young professionals / YICPMA and with the learning and sharing knowledge between existing members and the next generation of project managers. Our association shall be diverse, inclusive and ‘current’ going into 2022 whilst maintaining our ethos of a friendly network sharing knowledge and experience.

Raquel Campos e Matos - Vice President

My vision for the ICPMA is ...

  • ICPMA as a privileged way to share knowledge …

Promoting the relationship between people and organizations, all working together for the spread of the best practices of project management and innovation in the construction sector.

  • … throughout the world and for the world…

The world is a better place when we all work together. And ICPMA as a worldwide organization plays an important role with the spread of best practices worldwide. ICPMA is also engaged with the education of young professionals and students, supporting, and supported by, our dedicated young persons association YICPMA.

  • … integrated in a friendly, collaborative, and diverse professional network...

People with the same collaborative way of thinking, people who aim to exchange knowledge and promote the achievement of higher standards for the construction sector worldwide. A diverse organization, covering different cultures, people from various fields within construction, design and operations, with varying responsibilities and experiences – ICPMA as the best network to meet others with interesting experiences and lives!