Awards 2024

ICPMA Awards
Celebrating excellence in construction project management

About the Awards

The ICPMA is looking further than the design of the project, running an award scheme for the construction project management element of a project (infrastructure and

building projects) with particular focus on:

Note: The project does not need to be completed nor is project size / scale relevant.

About the application

For more information email

ICPMA runs a well established annual Awards programme which is free to enter and recognises excellence in project management. Members can enter for their company, client or project they admire. 

Award winners benefit from an international recognition for outstanding achievement in construction project management

This Award is given to projects, clients, the professional team and other participants who have shown outstanding innovation and quality of process used, with a final product to match. 

About the award programme

Every year the most outstanding construction projects (in infrastructure and building) will be awarded at the ICPMA annual conference! The award programme is free to enter and recognises excellence in project management, based on the following questions.  The size of the project or whether its completed or not yet is irreleveant, we are looking for innovation, quality, team work and outstanding achievements.

About the application

The application process consists of 3 simple steps:

What we need from you

(1) One-pager Overview

We are looking for a one-pager key project data sheet, ideally with graphics, illustrations, photos etc, outlining the project objective and focus area (see below) and outstanding achievements with details such as: 

Key Project Data (in brief)

Categories (Focus areas):

The above list is non-conclusive, please contact us, if your project focus area is not listed so we can review your entry proposal.

Client approval confirmation

We would appreciate your confirmation that you have client approval to share the project information and that ICPMA would have approval to share your entry on our webpage and our official social media channels.

A template has been created for guidance or to download and use. This is available as PDF and Powerpoint file.

Sending the overview in

Please email your submission with company and contact details of the submitting party to before the due date with the subject line 

ICPMA Awards 2024 (1) - your project title

(2) Interviews

We would like to invite the submitting party of the pre-selected entries to individual 30mins video-interviews with ICPMA representative(s) to enable both parties to get to know each other, making this a personal experience and to ask/clarify questions about the project. 

The Judges might identify some 'deep dives' from the overview for the final submission video/ presentation.

(3) Submission

The submission shall be a continuation of the overview, providing some further details as discussed / clarified in the interview. We would like to understand from you :


Please outline the following:


The format is free to chose; our preferred format would be a 2-3 mins video (to be sent by wetransfer or similar) or powerpoint presentation, however, we would also accept a written narrative. It is important to cover the above 5 points so that our experienced judging panel can review and understand your drivers, the reasons and the achievements presented.

Please wetransfer or email your submission to before the due date with the subject line 

ICPMA Awards 2024 (3) - your project title

Awards Announcement

The awards will be announced as ICPMA Award in a particular focus area so there will be several winners on the night of our gala dinner!

For more information and your application please email



One-pager overview template (Powerpoint)


One-pager overview template (PDF)