Designing Buildings WIKI and Yearbooks

Please visit our ICPMA WIKI page

For advice and construction knowledge please visit our dedicated ICPMA site on the Designing Buildings WIKI page with latest articles by members of the association

We sponsor research relevant to our objectives: better project management; embracing innovation; quality of delivery; digitalisation; better transfer of best practice; encouragement of young professionals. We plan to widen the distribution of our research and other best practice which can be found on the WIKI page above


We currently produce a digital yearbook every two years, which showcases our recent Award winners and many other topical articles. Members are warmly invited to contribute to the yearbook. Our recent yearbooks from 2018 and 2016 can be viewed and downloaded below.

We will publish our Yearbook 2020 in late Autumn this year.

ICPMA 2018 Yearbook.pdf
ICPMA Yearbook 2016.pdf