ICPMA Awards 2023


& Video Award

SHIKOKU Aquarium & KOBE Port Museum Project

Christina Stoltz, Raquel Campos e Matos, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Stephane Maye
Robert Bennett, Hargeet Kaur, Hiroyuki Enomoto
ICPMA Awards 2023 (1) - 1. SHIKOKU Aquarium & 2. KOBE Port Museum Project .pdf

Two projects under one trust scheme consisting of Japanese mega trust bank and SPC in close partnership with local governments. 

(1) SHIKOKU Aquarium is Japan’s first aquarium built & operated under trust scheme, followed by (2) KOBE Port Museum.

In partnership between private and public sectors, the investments that were once perceived to be “unprofitable”, turned out to deliver both financial and non-financial profits to not only to client/ investors/ developers, but to local communities. In addition to both resulted in clearing the target of Cost, Schedule and Quality, ESG elements were highlighted in both projects.

Please see Nikken's final submission video here, which was awarded with a Camera Award 2023.