ICPMA Awards 2023

Start Up Award

Building Information Cloud GLWG GmbH

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The exist-research transfer-funded Building Information Cloud (in short: BIC) has the goal to automate the checking processes of planning, tendering and execution documents in the construction industry. We are developing a SaaS for construction companies, planning offices, building owners and building permit authorities that automatically checks the completeness and quality of both conventional and BIM-based project documents – with just the push of a button, without expert knowledge or compliance with a predefined data standard. 

As a user, you simply upload your data to the cloud from large-scale projects to single-family homes. There are no requirements for the files: they can be conventional project documents, such as pdf files, as well as BIM models in the form of ifc files. The AI-based automated upload check, completeness check and quality check of your project documents start and within a few minutes you receive detailed feedback on your project documents in the form of a customizable report.