Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France

IQ Award Winner of the year 2015

More facts and videos about the history of this stunning building and the construction of it can be found here.

The ICPMA and DVP honor international construction projects which set industry standards with regard to the planning process, highly professional realization, and the latest aspects of sustainability.

TAW WEISSE and Louis Vuitton were honored with the IQ Award for their exemplary initiative in supporting the team-spirit and for the strong sustainability approach of this building.

This exceptional and extraordinary Gehry design was realised through a dynamic integrated planning process, using the intelligent application of BIM and FIM (Facility Information Management).

The team and the design were integrated to ensure co-operation and communication, and maintenance experts were involved early in the process so that the building would always look and function as it should throughout its lifecycle.

This balance and link between the concept and detailed architectural design, and then the way that the building would operate, was of paramount important in ensuring the success of this project.