Legoland, Nagoya City, Japan

Alliance Award Winner of the year 2019

During the ICPMA Annual Conference 2019 held at The Olympic Museum Lausanne in Switzerland, Meiho Facility Works was honored with the Alliance 2019 Full Award in recognition of Legoland Nagoya City, Japan.

On a site area of 9 ha this Legoland project, the first in Japan, comprises 43 buildings, 22 rides and attractions, playgrounds, exhibition halls, theatres, shops and restaurants.

A strategic collaboration construction project management plan was devised and adopted and this resulted in a team brought together to work "as one" for a world-class client determined to create an attraction of the finest quality.

The way that many different nationalities came together to deliver this Legoland was a factor that the judges noted as being exemplar.

Interview with ICPMA Past President Nick Smith

Video introduction to the ICPMA's Annual Conference and interview with ICPMA Past President Nick Smith