Qatar Foundation for Islamic Studies, Doha, Qatar

Alliance Distinction 2017

Client Qatar Foundation

Project Manager ASTAD

ASTAD provided full services for this iconic project, acting as the focal point between the client, the designer, the lead architect, the end user, several government entities and the main contractor. The building is a world class teaching and faculty space, a research centre and the Education City campus mosque.

It completed on time and budget and was handed over in January 2015. QFIS is a profoundly spiritual building that imparts Islamic values and education in a setting that is modern and progressive.

Achieving the quality required for this project was essential to attain the look and feel essential to the client’s vision.

The demands of cost control needed balancing with achieving quality and this was realised by using a highly skilled team experienced with similar projects in the region; specialist local suppliers; and cutting edge materials and techniques.